Behind the scenes at Olives been busy…

The workforce behind Olives been busy…Kara – the idea maker and the one who manages all the employees / Walter – the one with all the jokes to make the day go by faster and pretty good bed tester / Esther – the one who laughs at said jokes, but will sometimes try to get one of her own in (especially if it involves a specific tennis ball) / Ruthie – the one who is only here because her mom thinks she needs to do something with her days besides sleep till noon (she has designated herself manager of fabric comfortability) / and Jolie – last but not least, the one who refuses to take direction and usually winds up eating all her progress out of frustration.

There are a ton of naps and demands for treats throughout the day, but we love all things fabric and design and fashion and comfort and, of course, rescue animals. We would have it no other way.